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Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Cardiovascular Disease and Inflammation

Presented by: Dr. Bill Harris

Dr. Bill Harris discusses the current evidence on the impact of omega-3 fatty acids on our health, cardiovascular disease and inflammation.


Dr. Bill Harris is an internationally recognised expert on omega-3 fatty acids and how they can benefit patients with heart and other diseases. He is a professor in the Department of Medicine in the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota, the co-inventor of the Omega-3 Index, founder of OmegaQuant, as well as the president and founder of the Fatty Acid Research Institute. He has published over 300 scientific papers on fatty acids and health in medical literature and is the author of three American Heart Association scientific statements on fatty acids: “Fish Consumption, Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease” (2002), and “Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Risk for Cardiovascular Disease” (2009), and “Omega-3 Fatty Acids for the Management of Hypertriglyceridemia” (2019).