The proven benefits of omega 3

The proven benefits
of omega 3

Did you know

The number of scientific publications on the effects of
omega -3 fatty acids in humans is now over 25.000?

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Heart function

Scientific research shows that Omega-3 fatty acids protect the health of the heart and blood vessels.

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Omega 3 can delay memory loss in people with mild memory impairment.

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The Omega-3 fatty acid DHA is good for the eyes of young and old.

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The Omega-3 fatty acid EPA has been shown to support a positive mood.

Pregnancy icon


Omega-3 fatty acids help to support conception, pregnancy and lactation.

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Behaviour icon


Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help children's behaviour, especially those with certain disorders. Find out how.

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Good nutrition is the key to remaining fit and healthy for athletes. How does Omega-3 fit in?

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Vegetarianism and veganism are increasingly popular. Is it possible for vegetable foodstuffs to provide sufficient omega 3 fatty acids?

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