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Introducing our new superior strength liquid Omega-3 fish oil range. Taking omega-3 as a liquid has many advantages. Firstly, it allows for easier digestion, no capsules need to be dissolved in the stomach and liquid goes down easier. Secondly, the Omega-3's in our liquid range, are in a triglyceride form which helps them to be absorbed more efficiently in the body, allowing them to work faster, so you see the benefits more quickly.

The superior quality oil, improved absorption rate and the light and refreshing fruit flavours also reduce the fishy aftertaste and the likelihood of fishy burps! Many people find that liquid oils are more versatile and easier to use than capsules, since that can be mixed into cold foods and liquids with only minimal swallowing. Children and the elderly, in particular, may prefer liquids, especially if they have problems swallowing capsules. One of the most important advantages, is that it's much easier to obtain higher and optimum levels of Omega-3 by using a liquid form, which provides you with increased health benefits.

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