Omega-3 Benefits

Omega-3 and Kids: What You Need to Know

Omega-3 and Kids: What You Need to Know

Getting the right amount of omega-3 essential fatty acids is important for supporting everything from your normal heart function to brain function and even eye health.


It’s recommended that adults get a minimum of 250-500mg of omega-3 per day to experience its health benefits, but what about our kids?


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Children also need to consume omega-3 to benefit their health, as there’s a strong link between essential fatty acids and growth and development.

Omega-3 Supplements for Children


Children should be exposed to omega-3 from the womb onwards. Our MorDHA Prenatal fish oil supplements are designed to provide women with the omega-3 they need during pregnancy and while breastfeeding in order to support their own health, as well as their baby’s brain and eye health development.



When children are a little bit older, they can take omega-3 supplements themselves. At MINAMI®, our omega-3 fish oil supplements for kids have been sustainably sourced and contain well below the strict industry limits for toxins, so you can be sure your little ones are being nourished with the good stuff.


We source all of the fish we use from waters where overfishing is not an issue, meaning you can keep a good conscious that you’re doing the best for your child and for the planet.


Our MorDHA Kids 3+ supplements contain both DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) omega-3 fatty acids. DHA is an important building block for child development due to its ability to contribute to normal brain function and vision. DHA can also help to improve the length and quality of sleep – exactly what growing children need!



For children aged six and above, our MorEPA Kids 6+ fish oil supplements can help to contribute to normal brain function, thanks to the EPA they contain. EPA plays an important role in concentration, meaning these supplements can be beneficial for school-age children.


Vitamin D is also a key ingredient in these capsules, helping to support normal bone growth and development, normal teeth, and normal immune system function.


MINAMI® MorEPA Kids 6+ supplements also feature evening primrose oil, which may help with some skin conditions.


The Health Benefits of Omega-3 for Children


There is some evidence to suggest that low levels of omega-3s in children may lead to the development of allergies, as well as poor immune function.


DHA specifically is also believed to help improve children’s mental skills, including thinking, remembering, and learning, so introducing supplements into their daily routine can be a good way to support them at such a crucial stage in their learning and development.


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Increasing your child’s omega-3 intake could have a positive impact on their sleep too. Getting the right amount of DHA could increase the number of hours they sleep each night, helping to improve their energy levels the following day.

How to Increase Your Kid’s Omega-3 Intake


Omega-3 fish oil supplements provide an easy, convenient way to increase a child’s omega-3 intake. However, there are also some foods that are naturally rich in omega-3 that you may want to add into their diet.


Foods rich in DHA specifically include:


  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Cod liver
  • Sardines
  • DHA-enriched eggs


Children don’t typically eat much oily fish and it can be very hard to get enough omega-3 from the diet alone, which is why many turn to omega-3 supplements instead.


Supplements like those from MINAMI® can provide a higher dose of omega-3 without any unwanted toxins or excess fats, helping you to control exactly what’s going into your child’s body.


If you’re interested in omega-3 supplements for either yourself or your child, explore the full MINAMI® range. And discover the benefits of MINAMI® liquid omega-3 for kids here:



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