Omega-3 Benefits

Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Omega-3

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We are excited to introduce to you our new superior strength liquid Omega-3 fish oil range for adults and children.



All MINAMI fish oil is as sustainably sourced as possible, extracted from whole fish bodies of wild-caught anchovy, mackerel, and sardines harvested from the clean waters around Peru and Chile. These areas are classed as the world’s prime fishing areas and have established well-defined fishing seasons and quotas to ensure that sustainable stocks are maintained.



Here at MINAMI, we are passionate and committed to safeguarding our environment. The fish we use are also certified by a non-profit organisation, Friend of the Sea, which ensures that no endangered species are used in our products.




What is Liquid Omega-3?



Simply, liquid Omega-3 is Omega-3 in a liquid form over the standard softgel. The advantage of liquid Omega-3 is that it allows you to get all the benefits of a high-strength fish oil without swallowing a softgel which can be challenging for some, including the elderly and children.


There are two main reasons that fish oils are so important: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), two long-chain fatty acids that have been shown to help support overall heart health, as well as helping to keep our eyesight and brains in good working order.


Why is Omega-3 Important?


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Omega-3 is a vital nutrient to help keep our bodies functioning to the best of their abilities. Omega-3s can contribute to normal brain functioning and vision and may help to support a whole host of other benefits.


Our bodies can’t produce Omega-3 on their own, which is why we need to get it through our diets or from supplements.


The Benefits of Choosing Liquid Omega-3


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Both products in our MINAMI Liquid Omega-3 range may help to support an array of health benefits and there are plenty of advantages to taking Omega-3 in liquid form.



Most importantly, it allows for easier digestion, as the Omega 3s in MINAMI’s liquid range are in a triglyceride form, helping them to be absorbed more efficiently in the body. With improved absorption rates, it allows you to notice the benefits more quickly.


When you take fish oil softgels, your body not only has to work to dissolve the softgel and break down the product, but it is also receiving less Omega-3 than you would for the same amount of liquid oil. Therefore, it is much easier to obtain higher and optimum levels of Omega-3 in fewer dosages by using our liquid oils over softgels.




Our DHA+EPA Liquid for adults boasts an amazing 3000mg of Omega 3 per teaspoon (5ml) together with 10µg of Vitamin D3, which is 200% of the daily recommended intake. Vitamin D can aid a range of benefits including maintaining strong bones and teeth, helping maintain healthy levels of calcium, and supporting the functioning of healthy muscles and immune function.



It is also much more versatile and easier to consume for some, as it has a great refreshing natural lemon flavour. This means it can be easily added to cold drinks or foods, such as using it in a delicious homemade salad dressing or citrus-flavoured drink.





Our DHA+EPA Liquid Kids formula provides 1500mg of DHA and EPA and 5µg of Vitamin D in just half a teaspoon (2.5ml) of this liquid, which is 100% of the recommended daily intake. It is suitable for children aged 1-12 years and has perfectly balanced DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids. DHA+EPA Liquid Kids has been naturally flavoured with orange and berry making it a tasty omega-3 option that your kids will love.



Alongside the array of benefits of taking MINAMI DHA +EPA Liquid oils, it’s also worth noting that both oils for kids and adults are free from sweeteners, gluten, or dairy.



Explore the full Omega-3 range at MINAMI.


Liquid Omega-3 for Kids: The Lowdown

Omega-3 Benefits

Liquid Omega-3 for Kids: The Lowdown

Liquid Omega-3 can be an easier way for kids to take Omega-3 than softgel supplements.

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Improve your Omega-3 levels by using MINAMI® supplements regularly. For best results and to see significant changes in your health, a daily usage of at least 3 months is recommended.



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