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Why Vitamin D Is So Important in Winter

Why Vitamin D Is So Important in Winter

Most of our vitamin D intake comes from natural sunlight, which means it can be much more difficult to get the vitamin D you need during the winter.


Supplements can help, but why exactly do you need vitamin D, and what roles does it play in your body?

What is Vitamin D?


Vitamin D is also known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’, and it plays a key role in keeping bones and teeth healthy, and in supporting muscle function.


If you’re not getting enough vitamin D from natural sunlight or from your diet, you may experience a dip in your mood, a sense of fatigue, muscle aches and potentially even a feeling of weakness in your bones.


Vitamin D can also help to support normal immune system function, so there are many reasons to try to get more of this essential vitamin into your body.


winter sunlight


It’s recommended that people take vitamin D supplements from September until March/April – although this advice changed slightly in 2020; with people spending more time indoors, vitamin D supplements were recommended all year round.

What Does Vitamin D Do?


Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of both calcium and phosphate in your body, helping these minerals to be absorbed into your bones and teeth to keep them healthy and strong.


In addition, vitamin D can play an important role in regulating your mood.

Vitamin D Foods


You can try to increase the levels of vitamin D in your body by incorporating more of these foods into your diet:


  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Mackerel
  • Herring
  • Sardines
  • Red meat
  • Egg yolks
  • Liver
  • UV-treated mushrooms
  • Fortified breakfast cereals


kedgeree, which is rich in omage-3

Vitamin D Supplements

There are lots of vitamin D supplements out there to help you to top up your levels to support your bone health, teeth and immune system through the autumn and winter months.


At MINAMI®, we have a supplement that can help you to boost your vitamin D and omega-3 levels at the same time: MorEPA Platinum Omega-3 Fish Oil + Vitamin D.



These supplements contain vitamin D3 to help support the immune system, as well as muscle function, especially after intense exercise. Our MorEPA Platinum contains our highest level of omega-3 per softgel (90-95%) in triglyceride form, meaning it can be more easily absorbed by your body.


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