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Omega-3 Supplements for the Whole Family

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Omega-3 can have health benefits for people of all ages, but our bodies can’t produce these essential fatty acids by themselves.


Eating more oily fish is one way to boost your Omega-3 intake, but fish oil supplements can be an easier, more convenient way to try to increase your Omega-3 levels.


DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are two of the most essential Omega-3 fatty acids and can have benefits for everyone from mums-to-be to small children and grandparents.


Omega-3 supplements can support the whole family, and you’ll find a sustainably sourced range tailored to all life stages at MINAMI®.

Omega-3 For Mum & Dad


MorEPA Original is the original MINAMI® Omega-3 fish oil formula, designed to support adults’ overall health and wellness.



Our MorEPA Original softgels are a perfect all-rounder, providing the benefits of DHA and EPA in each capsule. DHA can contribute to healthy brain function and vision, while EPA can work alongside DHA to play a key role in membrane structure, contributing to normal heart function.


These Omega-3 fish oil supplements are easy to fit into your lifestyle and a great way to top up your levels of Omega-3.

Omega-3 for Mums-to-Be


It’s well-known that taking folic acid and vitamin D is essential during pregnancy, but did you know that Omega-3 can also have benefits for your health and that of your baby at this time?


Our MorDHA Prenatal Omega-3 fish oil supplements are balanced for you and your little one, with EPA and DHA to support foetal visual and cognitive development, and to support a healthy heart in expectant mothers.



These softgel supplements can continue to be taken on your breastfeeding journey, providing support to infants’ eye and brain development.


If you follow a plant-based lifestyle, our VeganDHA Omega-3 supplements made from algae oil rather than fish oil are also safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Omega-3 for Anti-Aging


Omega-3 can continue to deliver benefits throughout your life, with our PluShinzO-3 Omega-3 Fish Oil and Pro-Aging Complex capsules specially designed to provide extra support as you get older.



This formula is inspired by Japanese and Mediterranean diets, which have both been linked with good health and longer life.


These omega-3 supplements contain:


  • EPA and DHA to help contribute to normal heart function
  • Pycnogenol, which has traditionally been used to support cardiovascular function
  • Garlic extract, which is believed to help support the immune system
  • Resveratrol, a traditional part of the Mediterranean diet, which may support health by fighting the effects of free radicals
  • Alpha-tocopherol, a natural and active form of vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to help protect cells against oxidative stress
  • Folic acid, which contributes to normal blood formation and reduces homocysteine levels. Elevated homocysteine has been linked to degenerative conditions. Folic acid can also help to support normal immune function and reduce tiredness and fatigue

Omega-3 for Children


Omega-3 can also play a key role in children’s development, but it can be tricky to get kids to eat much oily fish.


From the age of three, children can start to take our MorDHA Kids 3+ Omega-3 fish oil supplements, which are designed to support brain and vision development in growing children. The DHA in these softgel supplements can help to contribute to normal brain function and vision, making it an important building block for child development.



From age six upwards, MINAMI® MorEPA Kids 6+ softgels are designed to keep kids growing well, from their brains to their bones.


Key ingredients include:


  • Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, which may help with concentration, thinking, remembering and learning
  • Vitamin D to contribute to normal immune system function, normal bone growth and development, and normal teeth
  • Evening primrose oil, which has traditionally been used to help the skin



For children between the ages of 1-12, MINAMI®DHA+EPA Liquid Kids + Vitamin D3 is a great Omega-3 option for kids who may find liquids easier to swallow than softgels.



Alongside its perfect balance of DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids to help to support brain, vision, and heart function, it has also been enriched with Vitamin D3, which is a key nutrient needed for normal growth and development of bone in children.





Family Bundles



If you’re looking to purchase a couple of Omega-3 supplements for the family, we also offer family bundles allowing you to make savings across the range:





All of our Omega-3 supplements are sustainably made, using fish oil sourced from fish living in waters where overfishing isn’t an issue.


We then use a supercritical CO2 extraction process that uses low temperatures to extract the fish oil from the fish, which is better for the environment than many other methods.


Find out more about how we source our fish oil here:


Why We Source Fish Oil from Anchovies, Sardines and Mackerel

Environment & Sustainability

Why We Source Fish Oil from Anchovies, Sardines and Mackerel

MINAMI® Omega-3 fish oil is sourced from specific types of oily fish. We explain why here.

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Improve your Omega-3 levels by using MINAMI® supplements regularly. For best results and to see significant changes in your health, a daily usage of at least 3 months is recommended.



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