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How to Maintain Energy as the Seasons Change

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There are some beautiful elements to the seasons changing, from that golden early evening light to the gorgeous colours of the falling leaves; however, there can be a few downsides to the arrival of autumn and winter too.


Not only does the temperature begin to drop, but your energy levels can take a dip as well. It’s dark earlier in the evenings, dark when many of us wake up, and routines change, which can have a big impact on your overall mood and energy.


But there are small changes you can make to your lifestyle to give your energy levels a boost as you adapt to the changing seasons. From making sure you’re getting enough sleep to eating energy-boosting foods, here’s what you can do to manage your energy levels this autumn and winter.


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Get Enough Sleep


Getting enough sleep is crucial to managing your energy levels and making sure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead.


Try to get into the habit of following the same bedtime routine every evening. Put your phone away 30-60 minutes before you’d like to go to sleep and allow your mind to unwind with a calming activity instead, such as reading a book or taking a relaxing bath.


Avoiding caffeine and alcohol in the evening can also help you to get a better night’s sleep.

Eliminate Stress


Stress can be incredibly draining, leaving you feeling tired, more tempted to snack and less likely to exercise, which can lead to something of a vicious cycle.


Being more mindful and trying to live in the moment more can help you to manage your worries, putting things into perspective more. Meditation is a popular form of mindfulness, while something such as making yourself a to do list of priorities can also help; focus on one thing at a time and you’ll soon see progress.

Eat the Right Foods


Start your day with foods known to release energy slowly, such as porridge or wholemeal toast to keep you going through the morning. Bananas are a great grab-and-go alternative.


bowl of porridge with bananas and nuts - slow-release energy foods


Avoid snacking on sugary or greasy foods to help to keep your energy levels up – if you find yourself facing a mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy slump, choose fruit that’s packed with natural sugars, or energy-packed nuts instead.


Eat more slow-release carbs as part of your evening meal to stop yourself from turning to sugary snacks in the evening. Brown rice, brown pasta, pulses such as lentils and chickpeas, and fresh vegetables are all good choices.

Exercise More


Exercise is a natural energy booster, with any type of cardiovascular exercise helping to increase your energy levels, ultimately improving your stamina.


Walking, yoga and tai chi are all good gentle options to raise your heart rate, but if you’re after something a little more high-intensity, consider taking up jogging or even resistance training instead.


If you want to make sure your body, joints and fitness levels stay in good condition all year round, explore how omega-3 supplements could help.


Omega 3 and Fitness: What You Need to Know

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How Omega-3 Supplements Can Help


Omega-3 supplements containing customised ratios of the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA can help to support your joints and fitness, which can be exactly what you need when you’re not able to exercise as much as you would in the summer months.


At MINAMI®, our Omega-3 supplements are made using sustainably sourced fish oil, and we pride ourselves on the purity and high concentration of our softgel capsules.


Our MorEPA Move Omega-3 formula is designed to support flexible movement, thanks to carefully tailored amounts of EPA and DHA to contribute to normal heart function, and curcumin from turmeric to help to keep your joints supple. MorEPA Move also contains vitamin C to help support normal collagen function, which is key for bone and cartilage function to help to keep your body moving.



Meanwhile, our MorEPA Platinum Omega-3 fish oil supplements are designed to support your heart, blood pressure, and muscle function, subsequently helping to keep you active. MorEPA Platinum softgels also contain vitamin D3, known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, which you need more than ever throughout the winter.



Vitamin D can help to support healthy bones and teeth, normal muscle function, and normal immune system function.


Find out more about the importance of vitamin D during the winter:


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Improve your Omega-3 levels by using MINAMI® supplements regularly. For best results and to see significant changes in your health, a daily usage of at least 3 months is recommended.



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